Privacy Slats

  • Residential

    Made for 9 gage wire. Includes flaps on edges.

    Do you want more privacy around your home? Our privacy slats provide 95% coverage around your residence and come in a nice assortment of classic colours. Our slats are made with HDPE and are UV protected for more durability.
  • Commercial

    Made for 6 and 9 gage galvanized wire. Rounded edges.

    Our commercial slats provide 80% coverage around your industry or enclosure. These slats are also made with HDPE and are UV protected for high grade durability.
  • Made in Canada by
  • Standard Colors

    • White
    • Glossy Black
    • Brown
    • Taupe
    • Green
    • Grey

    Installation Guide

    • 1.

      Insert slats inside diamond
      Hole towards the top
      Slide down

    • 2.

      Insert cap on one slat
      Make sure to hear the click
      Slide down and repeat for opposite slat

    • 3.

      Slide everything down until everything is in the diamond

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